Google Trends – Reveals America’s Declining interest in the Global Warming

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – American Native


Walden Pond… Near site of Thoreau’s cabin

Do we have the power to slow down climate change?

The power of the sun is amazing. Did you know that for every hour the sun shines down on our planet is enough power to satisfy our planet’s energy needs for a year?

In Paris, last month, world leaders held talks to discuss climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions again appeared in headline news, which is amazing, as  a quick look at Google Trends, reveals that we, as a planet, really have not focused on global warming or climate change since Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” which came out right after Hurricane Katrina, in 2006. In fact, we seem to care about environmentalism each April. Why? Because of Earth day.

The common solutions discussed center around reducing energy usage. While this is a noble idea, how can turning off a few lights, among other things, help when the human populations surges, resulting in more and more demand on energy.  In American, this is especially a problem, as American’s are used to a rich lifestyle, which consists of consuming large amounts of energy. We need to charge our many electronic devices, watch our plasma T.V.s, run our various computers. Many do not want to put on sweaters in the winter – when we can simply turn up the heat. And many of us want to drive everywhere – who would dream of bicycling to work (except my father and son’s Boy Scout leader).

American’s are unlikely to change their ways. Gas prices are down to record lows, and SUV sales are up. While sales of electric and hybrid vehicles are down.

Almost 87% of carbon-based pollution comes from our homes, our business, factories and power plants. But each day, as we turn on lights, drive our cars or watch our T.V.s, we really don’t think about that.

Cutting down on energy usage is not the answer. The best day to cut down on carbon-based pollution is to replace it with renewable, pollution-free energy. To achieve that, we need to increase solar and wind energy production.

Solar energy is now one of the cheapest ways to generate energy. The cost of solar panels have gone way down in cost, with energy analysts predicting that solar energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels.

Currently, most homes with sunny roofs can have solar panels installed for free and save money on electricity costs. Today, the solar produces less than one tenth of one percent of global energy demand.

Join me and help increase this figure ten fold. If you don’t have a roof, there are other ways you can choose to use more green energy. Energy deregulation has given people in many states the right to choose their energy provider, and with that, the ability to choose more green energy.

Here is what you can do to help – from Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth:

  1. Recycle
  2. Buy a hybrid car – walk or ride a bike when you can
  3. Switch to renewable sources of energy – Call your power company to see if they offer green energy – if they don’t, ask them why?
  4. Tell your parents not to ruin the world you will live in…
  5. If you are a parent, join with your children to save the world they will life in” – An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore, 2006

Near site of Thoreau’s cabin, Walden Pond

And for 50 more ways to  shrink your carbon footprint, check out

Please let me know what you are going to shrink your carbon footprint.




About Rachelle Lappinen

​Rachelle Lappinen is a Career and Academic Consultant and a Green Energy Ambassador. Currently, Rachelle serves as an education advocate for MassEdco working with high school students on college and career navigation. Rachelle also consults working with MIT on a research program, researching the effects of long-term unemployment on the middle class and developing best practices to help this population. Rachelle has worked at Mount Wachusett Community College, the YWCA and Becker College as a Career Development Counselor. Before becoming entering the field of workforce development, Rachelle spent over 10 years working as an insurance underwriter. Throughout her coaching and volunteer experiences, Rachelle has been noted for her determination and persistence to help those in need of career guidance. As a volunteer, Rachelle is actively involved with the non-profit organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Leominster and Fitchburg and the Center for Women and Enterprises. Prior to entering the coaching world, Rachelle was a senior group insurance underwriter for Unum, and sales representative for Prudential Financial. She actively involved with the Career Counselors Consortium and is a member of the Career Resource Rachelle M. Lappinen, MBA, GCDF, CPRW
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