7 Ways to keep your New Year’s Resolutions – Staying in Integrity in Your Job Search


“Integrity means doing the right thing when no one is looking” – C.S. Lewis

Every year I make various New Year’s resolutions, with very intention on eating less, exercising more, listening better, you name it. What I did not know when making these various resolutions was that I was lacking the basic ingredients needed to succeed. In a job search, the New Year can be a good time to make changes and resolutions:

  1. Bite Size Steps – One of the biggest stumbling blocks I made each year was starting too big. I would decide that I was going to start exercising more, and sign up for various classes, gym memberships, all with the goal of exercising at least 5 to 8 hours a week. Now, was that realistic, when I was not exercising at all before? A bite size goal would be to commit to exercising three or four times, in 20 minute increments, and build from there. If you are going to start something new, going to networking meetings, for example, start with maybe one meeting a week, and build from there. Find a friend to go with. If the activity is new, decide on a realistic goal to start with.
  2. Limit your resolutions – This goes along with number one. If you have too many resolutions, you will lose track of your goals and become overwhelmed.
  3. Chart your progress – Keeping track of your progress in a visual way will give you the boost and encouragement to keep going. Whether it is the old fashion white board in a visible place, or an app for your phone, chart your progress, and be sure to share your success with your friends and family. In a job search, it is very important to track and keep track of your activities, what to follow up on, who to call next. A visual chart will help, and give your the positive feedback of your progress.
  4. Keep positive – There will be days that you forget or cannot achieve your goals. Focus on the positive, how many days did you stick to your plan, and avoid thinking of the negative. Everyone is going to have a bad day, a day they don’t feel good – but don’t let that drag you down. Remember – stay positive. In a job search, there are days you maybe just don’t want to power up the laptop, don’t want to go to the networking meeting. That is when you need to look at your successes, no matter how small. Did you set up a new networking meeting? Celebrate your progress.
  5. Do not fear failure – Failing means that you tried. You can always try again. The important thing is to learn from your failure, so that you will not repeat it. Remember Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: ”is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” – Albert Einstein.
  6. Accountability – Is key to keeping your goals. Find an accountability partner, someone to check in with day to day. Knowing you have someone to report can help to keep you focused, and in line with your goals. The biggest person to keep your accountability with, however, is yourself. A job search club or buddy group is perfect for this.
  7. Integrity – This goes along with the accountability. If I am going to track my steps and my calories, I need to do it every day, not just during the week, but every day. If I do not stick to my goals, I am out of integrity with myself, and that does not feel good.

I have a few of New Year’s goals for this year:

  • Become fluent in Spanish – I am now 54% fluent according to DuoLingo, and on level 17 of 25. Join me and follow me on this great program – I am MsRachelle, and would love for you to join me.
  • Become more organized – I am taking this in small steps. Each day, I spend 20 minutes organizing my home.
  • Exercise more – I have been exercising regularly for the past year. Summer is always better, when my pool is open, and last year I worked in a place with a gym. Still, I walk at least 5 hours a week, and hope to re-join the gym soon.
  • Eat better – During my recent unexpected job search, my eating habits deteriorated – Fast foods, processed, you name it. Now, I am back to healthy shakes, salads, and more whole grains.
  • Build my consulting and green energy business – Working in non-profit, while rewarding, does not pay much. I am determine to build my consulting and green energy business in 2016

Please share with me your New Year’s resolutions, and how you intend to keep them.

By day, Rachelle, working mother of two, serves as an education advocate and career advisor for MassEdCO. By night, Rachelle provided career consulting and works to promote green energy. When Rachelle is not writing her blog, advising her students, or coaching her clients, she enjoys camping and going to the theater with her two children.

Follow Rachelle on Twitter at @RLappinen and follow her blog at https://solutionsbyrachelle.wordpress.com/


About Rachelle Lappinen

​Rachelle Lappinen is a Career and Academic Consultant and a Green Energy Ambassador. Currently, Rachelle serves as an education advocate for MassEdco working with high school students on college and career navigation. Rachelle also consults working with MIT on a research program, researching the effects of long-term unemployment on the middle class and developing best practices to help this population. Rachelle has worked at Mount Wachusett Community College, the YWCA and Becker College as a Career Development Counselor. Before becoming entering the field of workforce development, Rachelle spent over 10 years working as an insurance underwriter. Throughout her coaching and volunteer experiences, Rachelle has been noted for her determination and persistence to help those in need of career guidance. As a volunteer, Rachelle is actively involved with the non-profit organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Leominster and Fitchburg and the Center for Women and Enterprises. Prior to entering the coaching world, Rachelle was a senior group insurance underwriter for Unum, and sales representative for Prudential Financial. She actively involved with the Career Counselors Consortium and is a member of the Career Resource Rachelle M. Lappinen, MBA, GCDF, CPRW
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