Post your resume Online, Part 2 – The truth about online job search


Last week I posted a blog about the results of posting your resume to job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder and others, and many of my readers shared similar stories.  The results we have found are in line with Richard Bole’s 4% success rate of find a job, if you only post your resume online (author of Job Hunting Online.  Basically, if for every 100 people who only post their resume only to job boards, only 4 will ever get a job by this method.  Additionally, these boards only make up 4% of all posted jobs.  I thought I would write a blog about how the internet can be successfully used to find jobs.  I will be presenting on this topic to my job seeking group this Tuesday and be talking about this on the Mayor’s show this Thursday night.

First, forget about the major job boards that you see advertised every day.  They want you to think they are big and that their boards are where the jobs are, however the truth is, more and more companies are posting their positions elsewhere, due to the large cost of posting jobs to boards such as Monster.   Additionally, companies prefer to post where there are candidates are, and with over 200 members worldwide, LinkedIn is a place where more and more recruiters are looking for talent, upwards of 90% of them.

According to Richard Bolles, the jobs that are posted on paid job boards tend to be the harder to fill jobs.  However, these are live jobs, and are worth viewing, but there is no need to visit every job board.  Just visit, a vertical job search engine, and your job search will include jobs posted to Monster, CareerBuilder, and company websites job boards.  Furthermore, job agents can be set up easily from, sending you listings of new jobs posted for your target company.  This way you never miss a lead. does the same thing, but the reason I like better is that you can link your LinkedIn account, and then Simplyhired will tell you who your first and second connections are in the company.  This is very helpful, when each job posting on average gets between 100 to 300 applications.  Knowing someone inside the company can help get your resume looked at and increases your chances of getting an interview.

Craigslist is also not to be discounted source for locating jobs.  The classified job listing section of the newspaper has largely moved to Craigslist, as it is free and easy.  Job seekers tell me that they do not look on Craigslist because they believe there are scams on the site.  There are scams, and one of my job seekers ran into one.  But there were also scams in the newspaper.  A little common sense will allow a job seeker to pick out the many real jobs from the scams.  I have had many job seekers find and obtain real jobs from Craigslist.

Networking is still the primary way job seekers find jobs, with over 70% of jobs found this way, so time job searching at the computer should be limited.   The internet can be a good source of research.  LinkedIn can help you locate people you may know in companies you want to work for.  O*net, a government website, will allow you to reach market trends, salary information, and allow you to find key industry words and skills to help you build your resume.  Sites such as MassCIS and other local state government sites will break down this info even more by county. will help you find salary and interview information specific to the organization you are applying to.

For best results in your job search use aggregate sites such as Simplyhired to look for posted jobs, use LinkedIn to research companies and people you may know, and use sites such as O*net for market research.  Limit your time online to a couple of hours a day, and spend more than 70% of your time networking.

Please share with me what sites you found most helpful in your job search?


About Rachelle Lappinen

​Rachelle Lappinen is a Career and Academic Consultant and a Green Energy Ambassador. Currently, Rachelle serves as an education advocate for MassEdco working with high school students on college and career navigation. Rachelle also consults working with MIT on a research program, researching the effects of long-term unemployment on the middle class and developing best practices to help this population. Rachelle has worked at Mount Wachusett Community College, the YWCA and Becker College as a Career Development Counselor. Before becoming entering the field of workforce development, Rachelle spent over 10 years working as an insurance underwriter. Throughout her coaching and volunteer experiences, Rachelle has been noted for her determination and persistence to help those in need of career guidance. As a volunteer, Rachelle is actively involved with the non-profit organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Leominster and Fitchburg and the Center for Women and Enterprises. Prior to entering the coaching world, Rachelle was a senior group insurance underwriter for Unum, and sales representative for Prudential Financial. She actively involved with the Career Counselors Consortium and is a member of the Career Resource Rachelle M. Lappinen, MBA, GCDF, CPRW
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2 Responses to Post your resume Online, Part 2 – The truth about online job search

  1. Neil says:

    Very informative. You are right about the job boards collectively. So many people posting to the same jobs. I’ve been out of work twice in a year. I found Craigslist. is more direct and the majority of interviews I’ve done were through them. The job I landed however was through Careerbuilder and so were the interviews leading up to a final interview. Monster has been useless since around 2004 or so, IMO

  2. You are right Rachelle Lappinen, I had been searching for a SAP consultant position from a couple of months. Linkedin has many job openings for SAP, but none of the company approached me even i applied for many jobs. but linkedin is helpful for making some contacts. i prefer following the Niche job boards like for sap professionals, for marketing professoinals etc.,

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